Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Balls

Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Balls Feature


1. Good roundness, smooth surface, brightness, high density, high strengthinertia and hardness, perfect grinding medium.

2. With very low wear rate, grinding media can prevent the material from.

3. Very long service life which can decreases its comprehensive operating cost.

4. Good stability, strong acid resistance and alkali proof.


Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Balls Applications


• Ink, Paint

• Cosmetic

• Pharmaceutical Industry

• New Energy


Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Balls Technical Data



ZrO2 94.6%
Al2O3 5.4%
Color White
Specific Density ≥6.0 g/cm³
Hardness >10 GPa
Elastic Modulus 205 GPa
Fracture Toughness 7~10 MPa.m1/2
Bending Strength 1150 MPa
Grain Size < 0.5 μm
Thermal Conductivity 2.5 W/(m.k)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20~400°C) 9.6×10-6 K


Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Balls Standard Sizes(ømm)


Beads ø0.05-0.10 ø0.10-0.15 ø0.10-0.20
ø0.20-0.30 ø0.20-0.40 ø0.30-0.40
ø0.40-0.50 ø0.40-0.60 ø0.50-0.70
ø0.60-0.80 ø0.70-0.80 ø0.70-0.90
ø0.80-0.10 ø0.90-1.00 ø0.90-1.10
ø1.00-1.20 ø1.20-1.40 ø1.40-1.60
ø1.60-1.80 ø1.80-2.00 ø0.90-1.10
ø2.20-2.50 ø2.50-2.80 ø2.80-3.20
ø3.20-3.50 ø4 ø5
Balls ø6 ø7 ø8
ø10 ø15 ø20

Remark: can be customized.



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