Alumina Ceramic Microspheres Balls

Alumina Ceramic Microspheres Balls Feature


1. The surface is smooth and does not damage the workpiece, with high hardness, long service life, and good elasticity. During the sandblasting process, the sand particles rebound from multiple angles, making it very suitable for complex (metal, plastic) structural workpieces. At the same time, it has the function of relieving stress and improving the fatigue life of the workpiece.
2. It can be recycled, reducing the number of material changes and improving production efficiency. The sandblasting process is not easily broken, dust-free, and metal pollution free, clean and environmentally friendly, and has no potential for silicosis, which is beneficial to the health of employees.
3. Compared to glass microspheres, the effect and smoothness level are higher, and the lifespan is increased by about 20-30 times
4. Compared to steel microspheres, the roughness is lower, there is no iron element pollution to the workpiece, there is no residual metal powder on the surface of the workpiece, and there is no color deviation to restore the true color of the metal.
5. When grinding nano particles with wear resistance and crack resistance, excessive energy will not be applied, and excessive grinding and re aggregation can be suppressed. High sphericity, smooth surface, and narrow particle size distribution accurately achieve high-precision nano level sand grinding and dispersion.


Alumina Ceramic Microspheres Balls Applications


• Used for surface cleaning, roughness adjustment, and decoration in different fields through high-speed jet grinding. For improving material surface quality, adjusting roughness, and increasing adhesion.

• Sanding and dispersing various nanoscale materials and dispersion efficiency: electronic component materials, magnetic materials, paints, etc


Alumina Ceramic Microspheres Balls Standard Sizes(ømm)


Balls ø0.03


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