Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grinding Balls

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grinding Balls Feature


1. Thermal Shock

2. Excellent abrasion resistance

3. High purity

4. Excellent corrosion resistance

5. Energy saving of grinding and dispersion


Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grinding Balls Applications


• Engineering Ceramics

• Ceramics Capacitor

• Sanitary ware

• Chemicals


Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grinding Balls Technical Data


Color Black
Specific Density 3.2 g/cm³
Elasticity Modulus 300~320GPa
Crush Load (25℃)% 35~45
Hardness(HV) 1600 – 1800 MPa
Thermal Conductivity W•(m•K)-1 15~20
Volume Resistive 1018 Ω.cm


Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grinding Balls Standard Sizes(ømm)


Beads ø0.40-0.50 ø0.40-0.60 ø0.50-0.70 ø0.60-0.80 ø0.70-0.80 ø0.70-0.90
ø0.80-0.10 ø0.90-1.00 ø0.90-1.10 ø1.00-1.20 ø1.20-1.40 ø1.40-1.60
ø1.60-1.80 ø1.80-2.00 ø0.90-1.10 ø2.20-2.50 ø2.50-2.80 ø2.80-3.20
ø3.20-3.50 ø4 ø5
Balls ø6 ø7 ø8 ø10 ø15 ø20

Remark: can be customized.



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