95% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls

95% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls Feature

1. Excellent abrasion resistance

2. Excellent corrosion resistance

3. Energy saving of grinding and dispersion

95% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls Applications

• Engineering Ceramics

• Ceramics Capacitor

• Sanitary ware

• Chemicals

95% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls Technical Data

Al2O3 ≥95%
Color White
Specific Density 3.7 g/cm³
Vickers Hardness (HV5) 1000 MPa
Breaking Strength(ø30) 2250Mpa
Wear Rate 0.05‰ g/kg.h
Flexural Strength 300 MPa
Filling Density 2.4 g/cm³
Roundness 95%

95% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls Standard Sizes(ømm)

Beads ø0.05-0.10 ø0.10-0.15 ø0.10-0.20
ø0.20-0.30 ø0.20-0.40 ø0.30-0.40
ø0.40-0.50 ø0.40-0.60 ø0.50-0.70
ø0.60-0.80 ø0.70-0.80 ø0.70-0.90
ø0.80-0.10 ø0.90-1.00 ø0.90-1.10
ø1.00-1.20 ø1.20-1.40 ø1.40-1.60
ø1.60-1.80 ø1.80-2.00 ø0.90-1.10
ø2.20-2.50 ø2.50-2.80 ø2.80-3.20
Balls ø4 ø5 ø6
ø7 ø8 ø10
ø15 ø20 ø30

Remark: can be customized.



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