Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Sheet, PBN Plates

AlPyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Sheet,  PBN Plates Feature


1. High Purity.

2. Uniform thickness.

3. High resistivity and insulative.

4. Low outgassing in high temperature.

5. Inert, no reaction with acid and alkali.


Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Sheet,  PBN Plates Applications


• Break rings for horizontal casting machine

• Insulators for high-temperature furnace

• Feedthrough for high voltage equipment

• Electric insulators in the vacuum system

• Boron Nitride components for PVD, MOCVD, MBE system.

• Nozzles for nonferrous metals metallurgy industry

• Spacers for glass melting


Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Sheet,  PBN Plates Technical Data


Properties Units Values
Density g/cm2 1.95-1.98
Tensile Strength MPa 112
Bending Strength MPa 173
Compression Strength MPa 154
Young’s Modulus GPa 18
Thermal Conductivity W/m°C “a” 60 “c” 2
Specific Heat J/g·℃ 0.90(RT)
Resistivity Ω.cm 2×1015
Dielectric Strength D.C. volts/mm 2×1015
Metal Impurity Content ppm <10


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