Boron Nitride Setter Plates

Boron Nitride Setter Plates Feature


1. Non toxic and odorless.

2. At room temperature, it does not react with acids, bases, salts, and organic reagents, and slightly corrodes in molten salts and alkalis, but can resist the corrosion of various acids at high temperatures.

3. Does not react with most molten metals, semiconductors, and their compounds.

4. Good thermal shock resistance, no cracks found when put into water at 2000 ℃.

5. High operating temperature, no sublimation point, directly decomposing into B and N at temperatures above 3000 ℃.

6. High resistance and good electrical insulation performance.

7. The surface is smooth, without pores, and is not wet with most semiconductor melts


Boron Nitride Setter Plates Applications


• OLED evaporation unit

• Semiconductor single crystal growth (VGF, LEC)

• Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

• MOCVD heater

• PBN coated carrier

• High temperature and high vacuum equipment insulation board



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