Beryllium Crucible

Beryllium Crucible Feature


1. In the laboratory to contain chemical compounds when heated to Extremely high temperatures.

2. Thermal conductivity

3. Competitive price, and more consistent heating dissipation.

4. Excellent uniformity of crystalline structure

5. Durable in semiconductor chamber cleaning solutions


Beryllium Crucible Applications


• Used in the melting of rare metals and precious metals, especially in the required high-purity metal or alloy


Beryllium Crucible Technical Data


BeO >99%
Color White
Specific Density 2.8 g/cm³
Hardness 9 GPa
Melting Point -40-+1600℃
Breakdown electric field strength ( ≥50
Flexural Strength ≥190Mpa
Thermal conductivity (W.m-1. K-1) ≥240


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