Aluminum Nitride Crucibles

Aluminum Nitride Crucibles Feature


1. Excellent thermal conductivity, heat radiation, and electric insulation.

2. Significant thermal shock resistance.

3. Similar thermal expansion with silicon.

4. It has Good corrosion resistance to fluorine-containing gasses.

5. Excellent plasma resistance.

6. Non-toxic.


Aluminum Nitride Crucibles Applications


• Optical communication device application

• Special refrigerator

• LED industry

• Automotive electronic modules

• High efficiency power module

• High frequency microwave application

• Power electronic components


Aluminum Nitride Crucibles Technical Data


Color Gray
Specific Density ≥3.3 g/cm³
Thermal Conductivity (20°C) >170 W/(m.k)
Dielectric Constant (1MHz) 8~10
Flexural Strength ≥380 MPa
Volume Resistivity (20°C) ≥10¹³ Ω.cm
Thermal Expansivity (10-6°C) 20~400°C: 4~5
400~800°C: 5~6


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