Grinding Solutions for the Ceramic Industry
06/25/2024 04:06:50

In the ceramic industry, achieving a fine powder from granular feed material is crucial for various applications. When starting with ceramic particles of approximately 3mm in size and aiming to achieve a micron powder, how to make it? According to our more than 10 years experiences of exploration of materials in different fields, there are 2 cases for reference:

Case 1: Achieving 200 Mesh (75 µm) Powder
For transforming 3mm ceramic material into a 200 mesh (75 µm) powder, we recommend the following dry grinding method:

Product: Alumina milling jars and lids with Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls.
Advantages: This method offers high cost-efficiency and can produce the desired powder size within 3-5 minutes.
Disadvantages: The main shortcoming is the higher wear rate of the alumina (corundum) jars compared to other materials. For applications requiring high purity, alternative solutions should be considered.

alumina milling jars+alumina ball

Case 2: Achieving 1000 Mesh (13 µm) Powder
For obtaining a finer powder of 1000 mesh (13 µm) from 3mm ceramic material, consider the following dry grinding solution:

Product: Zirconia milling jars (including the lids) with Zirconia Ceramic Grinding Balls.
Advantages: Although more expensive than corundum, zirconia offers superior quality in terms of durability and reduced contamination.
Note: During the initial stages of grinding, a higher crushing speed is required to handle the 3mm feed size effectively.

zirconia milling jars+zirconia ball

The outlined solutions provide a reference for grinding ceramic materials from 3mm particles to ultrafine powders. Each case and experiment may vary, requiring tailored approaches to meet specific requirements and achieve optimal results.
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