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07/19/2023 09:07:29

What are Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Beads?

Yttrium stabilized zirconia beads are highly efficient and durable media for attrition and ball milling of ceramic materials. These zirconia beads provide a long-lasting, contamination-free solution for the ceramic grinding and milling industry.
Zirconia’s higher density compared to glass and alumina creates a high grinding efficiency and greatly reduced grinding time. The zirconia beads are perfect for use in wet grinding and high-velocity operations.


The Benefits of Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia

High density – 6.00kg/l
High wear and tear resistance, depending on the milling process – approximately 20 times better than zirconium silicate beads and about 35 times better than soda lime glass beads.
High operating time is achievable
Low contamination of the milling product, therefor usable for high-grade grinding of pigments, dyes, pharmaceutical and cosmetic prducts.
Usable for all modern types of mills and high energy mills (vertical and horizontal).
Excellent crystal structure avoids bead breakage and reduces the abrasion of mill parts.
Resistance to a lot of corrosive liquids. Smooth surface, easy cleaning because of low porousness.
Moreover, zirconia milling media’s thermal stability and ionic conductivity make them suitable for high-temperature ceramic composites and solid oxide fuel cells.


Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Beads Applications

Colour and Paint Industry: Grinding and dispersion of coating and paint systems, e.g. car paint, corrosion protection, dip paints, industrial and structural paints, wood varnishes, coil coatings.
Ceramic Industry: Grinding and processing of electrical ceramics, e.g. barium titanate, piezo-electric ceramics, sensors, condensers.
Plant Protection: Dispersion of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides.
Cosmetics: Grinding of pigments and solids for lipstick, skin and sun protection creams.
Pharmaceutics: Nano grinding for the production of active substances and supplies substances.
Battery raw materials: Ultra fine grinding and dispersion of battery raw materials for Cathode- and Anode materials, for example Lithium-Ion-Batteries.


How to avoid crushing and excessive wear of zirconia beads?

1. The filling amount of beads shall not exceed the upper limit (85%);
2. Beads of different materials shall be selected for sand mills with different linear speeds;
3. Select beads with appropriate density for slurry with different viscosity;
4. Do not mix beads of different materials;
5. Try to use beads with uniform particle size;
6. Keep low speed when cleaning the sand mill with beads; Mechanical speed regulation adopts inching and stepless speed regulation Low speed zone is adopted (the recommended shaft speed is less than 1000rpm);
7. Regularly screen out old beads less than the lower limit;
8. Regularly check whether there are cracks or grooves at the positions of the sand mill separation device, discharge end cover and dispersion shaft the existence of equal stress concentration area.



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