Beryllium oxide ceramic – which has made many people turn pale upon hearing, but has great uses
10/30/2023 09:10:02

Beryllium oxide is an inorganic compound with a molecular formula of BeO. This colorless solid is a famous type of electrical insulator, with a thermal conductivity higher than any non-metal except for diamonds and surpassing most metals.

But many people turn pale when they hear its name, not a devil, but an angel. BeO has a very obvious drawback, as its powder is highly toxic, and inhalation can cause lung function damage or even poisoning, endangering life, which indeed limits its promotion. However, the potential toxicity hazards during the production process can also be protected and treated, and beryllium oxide made into ceramic products is non-toxic.

BeO has a wurtzite type structure with cubic crystal units and strong covalent bonds. Its thermal conductivity is extremely high. BeO ceramics with a BeO mass fraction of 99% have a thermal conductivity (coefficient of arrival) of up to 310W/(m · K) at room temperature, which is about 10 times that of Al2O3 ceramics with the same purity. At the same time, they also have low dielectric constant and loss, as well as high insulation and mechanical properties. BeO ceramics are the preferred material for high-power devices and circuits that require high thermal conductivity. On the other hand, the high thermal conductivity and low loss characteristics of BeO are so far incomparable to other ceramic materials. In pursuit of higher performance and high value applications such as aerospace and satellite communication, BeO ceramic substrates are still being used.

Thick film beryllium oxide metallized products

Beryllium oxide ceramic substrates or substrates are metallized with thick films through tungsten manganese or molybdenum manganese active metallization methods, and then product circuits are obtained through nickel plating and pattern etching, mainly used in microwave power circuits and integrated circuits. Good weldability, with a tensile strength exceeding 20MPa after nickel plating. The nickel is fired in a reducing atmosphere of around 800 ℃ without bubbles.

Thin film beryllium oxide metallized substrate

Polished beryllium oxide ceramic substrates are sputtered with resistance and conductive thin films. After electroplating and photolithography, a substrate with partial passive components and conductive circuits can be formed, and chips and various chip like components can be mounted. After bonding and interconnection, circuit modules with specific functions can be formed.

Ceramic tiles for collecting electrodes of traveling wave tubes

Mainly used in the current X and Ku band traveling wave tube collectors, it plays an insulation and heat dissipation role. The main characteristics of the product are its complex appearance and high dimensional accuracy requirements. It is pre formed into a cylindrical shape by isostatic pressing and then cut and processed, ensuring the compactness of the tiles while also ensuring the concentricity requirements during the tile installation process.

Attenuating porcelain products

It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, high mechanical strength, small gas release, high thermal conductivity, and good thermal stability, and can be used as an absorbing material in microwave vacuum devices such as multi beam klystrons.

Crucible products

Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Crucibles made of high-purity beryllium oxide material, it can be used as a crucible for melting rare metals and high-purity metals such as Be, Zr, Pt, V, etc., with high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal stability.

At present, beryllium oxide ceramics are still a relatively unfamiliar material in the civilian market, and their excellent performance has not been fully explored and applied. With the rapid development of technology, various high-tech industries urgently need innovative breakthroughs, and materials are crucial for improving product performance. The “all-in-one ability” of beryllium oxide ceramics will eventually shine!



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