Precautions For Using Alumina Crucibles
05/13/2024 03:05:35

To improve the service life of alumina crucibles and reduce the losses caused by improper use of alumina crucibles, the following suggestions are proposed for user reference:

Small ball mills exhibit compact dimensions, high operational efficiency, and ease of maintenance, rendering them indispensable equipment for powder grinding, mixing, and dispersion in laboratory and small batch production settings following material crushing. Their versatile nature enables the processing of materials spanning the spectrum from soft to hard, brittle to tough. Moreover, these mills can be tailored to various capacities, accommodating grinding tasks ranging from a few grams to several tons per operation. Below, we delve into the distinctive features of horizontal and planetary ball mills to facilitate informed decision-making.

1. The maximum operating temperature of the alumina crucibles should not exceed 1750℃, and the long-term operating temperature should be below 1700℃. In order to improve the service life, it is recommended raising the temperature at a rate of less than 3°C per minute. If the alumina crucible size is large and there is a lot of material to be loaded, it can be insulated for 30 minutes at the 300°C and 600°C nodes to achieve uniform heating; Efforts should be made to avoid sudden temperature rise and uneven heating, especially to avoid directly inserting the alumina crucible into the high-temperature furnace. If the process allows for cooling, natural will slow cooling with the kiln should be used, and air cooling or indirect cooling with cooling water should be avoided as much as possible.

2. To reduce the cracking of alumina crucibles local sudden cooling and heating should be avoided, especially for hot alumina crucibles, which should not be directly placed on refractory bricks or refractory fiber blankets at room temperature, otherwise they are prone to cracking. Try to avoid uneven heating caused by open flames and cracking.

3. Alumina crucibles are brittle and hard materials. The service life of Alumina crucibles varies depending on different usage conditions and process methods. They are greatly affected by factors such as usage temperature, temperature rise and fall rate, atmosphere, vocalization of wintered materials, and ambient temperature. We hope that the manufacturer can combine their own process characteristics to summarize a set of operating standards that are most suitable for the usage conditions. The above is for reference only.



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