Agate Milling Jar For High Value Industry
05/30/2024 04:05:37

Agate material belongs to the natural ore category, which is naturally generated and mainly composed of silica. The agate milling jars are free of impurities, have a smooth appearance, strong shock resistance, and are resistant to various solvents (such as acetone and alcohol). Rigorous experimental testing has affirmed its ability to endure high-speed vibration without succumbing to cracks or deformities.

The agate ball milling cans are widely used in industries such as precious metals, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, and pigment coatings. The agate ball milling jar finds its stronghold in research institutions like the Environmental Testing Research Institute. Renowned for its near-zero pollution footprint and commendable heat dissipation capabilities, agate ensures materials remain untainted and preserves their integrity by facilitating grinding processes at ambient temperatures.

The agate ball milling jars are a complete structure with thick tank walls and a dedicated tank opening fixture. Its user-friendly design guarantees easy-to-open and tightly sealed and enduring durability. During use, there will be no adverse phenomena such as gap leakage or dead corners in material storage, and it can process ultra-fine materials with narrow fineness distribution in a short period.

However, it”s imperative to note that agate”s limited thermal conductivity renders it unsuitable for operations at elevated temperatures. Consequently, post-cleaning, precautions must be taken to avoid subjecting the agate milling jar to ovens or similar heating methods for drying purposes.



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