Alumina Setter Plates

    Alumina Setter Plates

    Alumina Setter Plates Feature

    1. Excellent heat resistance and high strength at high temperature.

    2. High mechanical strength.

    3. High heat conduction and excellent thermal shock resistance.

    4. It is stable to chemicals and molten metal, and has excellent corrosion resistance under high temperature.

    5. The oxidation and reduction atmosphere is extremely stable at high temperature.

    6. Good electrical insulation at high temperature.

    Alumina Setter Plates Applications

    • Piezoelectric, dielectric and other electronic component materials

    • Positive electrode material

    • PZT material

    • Luminescent material

    • NAS reservoir material

    Alumina Setter Plates Technical Data

    Specific Density≥3.9 g/cm³
    Temperature Resistance1600℃

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