Pad Printing Ink Cups & Ceramic Rings

Shape of Pad Printing Ink Cups & Ceramic Rings


circular, elliptical, square, etc


Pad Printing Ink Cups & Ceramic Rings Feature


1.Density>6.05g/cm3; Fine and delicate grains; Translucency;
2.Wear resistance, corrosion resistance
3.Non rusting, self lubricating
4.High temperature resistance
5.Easy disassembly and assembly, clean oil scraping,
6.After prolonged use, the blade remains bright and dense,
7.Good sealing performance, effectively preventing ink leakage,
8.The service life is 4-5 times longer than that of metal pad printing ink cups,
9.With high comprehensive benefits, it is an ideal substitute for steel and alloy cup rings.


Pad Printing Ink Cups & Ceramic Rings Applications


• Special oil cup ring knife for pad printing machines
• Suitable for various brands of pad printing machine ink scraping systems.


* Remark: If you are not familiar with it, please provide the outer diameter, inner diameter, height, and blade style of your existing products. Our company has over 200 specifications of pad printing tool rings, and molds and fixtures do not require additional payment from you. They are suitable for pad printing oil cups from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers.



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