Ceramic Nozzles –Magnesium Stabilized Zirconia

Ceramic Nozzles Feature


1. High thermal shock resistance
2. High wear-resistant and erosion-resistant
3. Metal corrosion resistance in high temperature
4. Excellent non-wetting characteristics
5. High strength
6. Long service life
7. The stabilizers and grains combination can be designed according to customer’s using environment.


Ceramic Nozzles Applications


• High temperature melt flow control
• Specialty glass manufacturing
• Metal powder industry
• Precious metal smelting industry
• Artificial/Laser Crystal Ceramic Temperature Field


Ceramic Nozzles Technical Data


Item Component
ZrO2+ HfO2 ≥95%
Al2O3 ≤0.2%
SiO2 ≤0.4%
MgO ≤2.9%
Fe2O3 ≤0.1%
TiO2 ≤0.1%
Color Yellow
Density ≤4.8g/cm3
Stomata ≤15%


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