Ceramic Needle Gauges

Definition of Ceramic Needle Gauges


Ceramic needle gauges are circular rods with specific dimensions made from zirconia ceramics. Compared to other materials, ceramic needle gauges have the advantages of high surface hardness, high surface finish, rust resistance, scratch resistance, and long service life. They are a good substitute for traditional white steel needle gauges and tool steel needle gauges, and are suitable for measuring aperture, pitch, internal thread diameter, bending groove width, and mold size in mechanical and electronic processing.



Ceramic Needle Gauges Feature


1.The material has high hardness, good wear resistance, and a service life of 5-10 times that of ordinary steel needle gauges
Good corrosion resistance, can be operated directly with bare hands, without rust prevention treatment, can be stored for a long time, and no special treatment is required for use and storage
2.The material has good stability and minimal annual variation, and the calibration cycle can be appropriately extended
3.The coefficient of linear expansion is close to that of steel, and there is no need to make a correction for the coefficient of linear expansion
4.Non magnetic and non conductive, suitable for special occasions


Ceramic Needle Gauges Applications


• Various high-precision and cutting-edge technical fields
• Electronic equipment,
• Precision instruments,
• Molds, and precision
• Machinery manufacturing


Ceramic Needle Gauges Standard Sizes(ømm)


No. Size(mm) Length(mm) Tolerance(mm)
1 Φ0.50-Φ0.54 50 ±0.001
2 Φ0.55-Φ0.59
3 Φ0.60-Φ0.64
4 Φ0.65-Φ0.69
5 Φ0.70-Φ0.74
6 Φ0.75-Φ0.79
7 Φ0.80-Φ0.84
8 Φ0.85-Φ0.89
9 Φ0.90-Φ0.94
10 Φ0.95-Φ0.99
11 Φ1.00-Φ1.99
12 Φ2.00-Φ2.99
13 Φ3.00-Φ3.99
14 Φ4.00-Φ4.99
15 Φ5.00-Φ5.99
16 Φ6.00-Φ6.99
17 Φ7.00-Φ7.99
18 Φ8.00-Φ8.99
19 Φ9.00-Φ9.99
20 Φ10.00-Φ10.99
21 Φ11.00-Φ11.99
22 Φ12.00-Φ12.99
23 Φ13.00-Φ13.99
24 Φ14.00-Φ14.99
25 Φ15.00-Φ15.99
26 Φ16.00-Φ16.99
27 Φ17.00-Φ17.99
28 Φ18.00-Φ18.99
29 Φ19.00-Φ19.99
30 Φ20

Remark: Acceptable for non-standard customization.







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