Ceramic Fasteners

Definition of Ceramic Fasteners


Ceramic fasteners refer to ceramic bolts, hex nuts, and washers, which are screw products made of materials such as zirconia, alumina, and silicon nitride, and have relatively stable physical and chemical stability.



Ceramic Fasteners Feature


1. High Temperature Stability
2. Corrosion Protection – Impervious to chemical attack, oxidation and UV light degradation
3.Wear Resistant – Stand-up to repeated exposure to high friction
4.Non-magnetic – Do not interfere with the assembly process
5.Non-conductive – Act as an electrical insulator
6.Bio-compatibility – For medical or laboratory applications
7.High Purity – Non-outgassing and chemically inert
8.Thermal expansion coefficient to better match other materials in your design




Ceramic Fasteners Applications


•Aerospace industry (insulation and anti-interference devices on electronic equipment)
•Electronics industry (insulation, anti-interference, lightweight)
•The medical device industry (insulated, non magnetic, environmentally friendly, and anti-interference, making the use of medical machinery and equipment safer)
•Petrochemical industry (high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and extended equipment service life)
•Communication industry (insulation, demagnetization, safety)
•Shipbuilding industry (acid, alkali, and corrosion resistant, extending service life)










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