How Ceramic Utility Knives Bring Safety to the Laboratory Oratory

07/26/2023 14:15:35

All Advanced utility knives Have Great Properties.

Ceramic Utility Knife

Blade will never rust. Chemically inert blade won't react with material it's cutting. No oil coating or maintenance required. Blade is safe up to 1600 degrees, Celsius.

Although Utility Knives  were not designed exclusively for use as Laboratory knives,  In an industrial setting, such a cut is not only debilitating, but it can hurt your company’s safety record and bottom line. 

Unlike metal knives, our Utility Knives never rust. This can be especially critical when working with blood samples to perform blood typing, cross-matching, and screening processes. Rust creates pits in the metal that can retain microscopic residue of prior blood samples, even after the instrument has been cleaned. This results in an increased potential for cross-contamination of blood samples, invalidating results. Utility Knives are made from 100-percent zirconium oxide, an material that is:

           Non-sparking                      Non-conductive                      Non-magnetic                      Chemically-inert

           Non-sparking                 Non-conductive                 Non-magnetic                 Chemically inert

Not only do our safety blades never rust, but also they’re very easy to clean. The same engineered ceramics used in our knife blades are used in our ceramic utility knives. Cleaning these ceramics is easy.

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