Zirconia Ceramic Microspheres Balls

    Zirconia Ceramic Microspheres Balls

    Zirconia Ceramic Microspheres Balls Feature

    1. Long lifespan, high purity transparent microspheres prepared by high-temperature plasma melting have a fine and uniform crystal structure.

    2. High wear resistance and crack resistance; It also has excellent corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis; High sphericity, smooth surface, and narrow particle size distribution.

    3. High wear resistance can greatly reduce the pollution of impurities; Due to its excellent wear resistance, it can reduce the supply of balls.

    4. The high specific gravity and strength make it highly efficient in crushing and shorten the time; For wet grinding and dispersion of high viscosity and high specific gravity grinding, there is no need to worry about rust or corrosion, and it is also suitable for water-based systems.

    5. No volatility, no chemical toxic substances or smoke.

    Zirconia Ceramic Microspheres Balls Applications

    • Cleaning and polishing of rough surfaces and heat treated workpieces of castings and forgings

    • Burr cleaning and surface beautification of machined parts

    • Improving the mechanical properties of parts

    • Polishing effect, mold cleaning, stress relief, and surface strengthening

    Zirconia Ceramic Microspheres Balls Standard Sizes(ømm)


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